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About Us

Crabtree Group, Inc. (CGI) offers a unique portfolio of services that improves schedules and cost efficiency while providing the best quality product.  Our integrated services offer planning, engineering and project management in a small effective team environment.  We become your project champions and an integrated part of your team to accomplish the project goals.

Civil Engineering:  CGI has experience with the materials and products that can reduce costs, maintenance and capital expenditures.  Gold-plated infrastructure can carry a heavy capital cost as well as heavy operation and maintenance issues. Our civil engineering design features green infrastructure that is naturally green, cost-effective, and integrates all infrastructure systems, while prioritizing the sense-of-place of the community.

Project Management: Our staff includes a prior Program Manager for the NASA Chandra X-Ray telescope with over 20 years of experience in managing complex projects..  We use this depth in project management skills to minimize cost and risk in your project with minimal overhead.  Experience in Bidding, Contracts, Scheduling, and Risk Management are critical to the success of any project regardless of project size.  Our staff also has experience in elected government positions and understands the intricacies of grants, statutes and public process.

Planning: Our experience in planning and its integration with engineering avoids the pitfalls of specialty isolation and the disconnects it can cause.  Our New Urbanist planning experience typically lowers costs for engineering, construction and life-cycle costs; while significantly improving the quality of public facilities. 

Integrated Engineering & Planning For Today’s Market:  Cost inflation, financial market fluctuations, resource deplations, climate change, and changing quality-of-life preferences have changed the commercial and residential markets.  CGI is ahead of this change curve with a staff trained and experienced in the development of products for this new market challenge.  Our staff can design, entitle and implement New Urbanism and Traditional Neighborhood Designs based on our extensive training and experience.  Our background in Town/City Planning allows us to effectively communicate with local jurisdictions in the entitlement process and negotiate win-win scenarios.  The CGI staff is also trained and knowledgeable in the latest Light Imprint, Green Infrastructure, Sustainable and Energy- Efficient principles that can improve marketability and lower infrastructure costs.